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Arbitration and conciliation

We are a highly specialized practice in arbitration and conciliation, with attorneys who have litigated and acted as arbitrators in prestigious forums, on both national and international level, including ICSID (Washington D.C.), UNCITRAL (PCA-The Hage), ICC (Paris), CCAC-CAINCO (Santa Cruz de la Sierra) and CAC-CNC (La Paz), on diverse subject areas such as hydrocarbons, electricity and energy, mining, contractual rights, etc.

Human rights

Practice areas of our Firm include national and international human rights litigation. Our lawyers have largely litigated in two of the main international forums for human rights, the inter-American System for the protection of Human Rights (the Inter-American Court and Commission of the OAS) and the Universal System of Human Rights (Human Rights’ Council of the United Nations).

Our specialties include petitions and provisional measures requests before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, litigation before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and communications before the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations.

Civil and commercial law

We have a wide range of attorneys to assist our clients in all aspects of their personal and business affairs. Our expert attorneys will provide guidance in contractual and corporate matters with the utmost efficiency and commitment.

Through our specialized practice in civil and commercial law, we help our clients to protect their property rights, such as:

– Movable and inmovable property, and any other property rights such as leases, mortgages, liens or pledges;
– Shares and debentures of companies, and any other forms of equity participation in a company;
– Investments, claims to money or to any performance under contract having a financial value;
– Intellectual property rights, industrial property rights, trade marks, know-how and goodwill;
– Business concessions granted in accordance with the law, including concessions to search for, cultivate, extract or exploit natural resources.

Constitutional law

The Constitution of the Bolivian State establishes broad rights and guarantees, in order to protect the life, liberty and physical integrity of the people. Therefore, the text of the Constitution incorporates several jurisdictional guarantees and defense actions, such as Habeas Corpus, Constitutional Protection Action, Privacy Protection Action, Unconstitutionality Action, Compliance Action and Popular Action, the latter, for the defense of collective rights.

Alliance has expert professionals to help our clients defend and guarantee their constitutional rights.

Administrative law

We are aware of the valuable and delicate relationships between the public and the Government Administration. Our staff has professionals who have developed an intense and commendable career in Bolivian public service. Our practice includes legal advise in public bids and administrative contracts, as well as administrative appeals before the Administration and before judicial authorities.

Legal audits

We offer services in some of the most complex areas of law, including legal audits of judicial and administrative proceedings. Our lawyers have been pioneers in the development of work models and methodologies to carry out legal audits in Bolivia, and in carrying out legal audits of public institutions and companies.

Legal advice

We provide quality legal advice to our clients in their legal matters. For this purpose, we put some of the best Bolivian professionals at their disposal, willing to help them make informed and effective decisions, ensuring the success of their business transactions.