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Alliance Abogados Asociados S.C. provides sound legal advise to individuals and companies, in order to connect their business ventures and investments in Bolivia and the US.

Our team has qualified personnel to advise individuals or companies that carry out, or wish to carry out, business or investments in one of these two countries.

In order to provide our specialized legal service, we have offices in the cities of La Paz, Santa Cruz and Washington, D.C., which allows us to bring our clients closer to the business centers of Bolivia and the US (D.C., VA, MD & NY).


  • Strategic planning;
  •  Regulations and statistical information about the industry sector;
  • Due diligence for risks and opportunities indentification;
  • Negotiation of contracts for our clients’ protection.

Public private partnerships

  • Regulatory framework identification;
  • Industry or service sector definition for investment projects;
  • Advise on the preparation of investment projects proposals.


  • Identification of local practices, to establish effective communication;
  • Definition of communication strategies.

Trade and bussines

  • Regulatory requirements;
  • Due diligence for risks and opportunities identification;
  • Representation of our clients best interests before private and public entities;
  • Corporate social responsibility.

Dispute resolution

  • Protection and legal representacion of our clients high interests;
  • Complex litigation, in court and alternative mechanisms for settling disputes;
  • International arbitration;
  • Settlement agreements;
  • Litigation strategies in line with the bussines or investment goals.
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Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Washington, DC, United States

Our services include legal advise on the following issues:

  1. Participation rights in companies.
  2. Shares, stock, and other forms of equity participation, and bonds, debentures, and other forms of debt interests, in a company.
  3. Contractual rights, such as under turnkey, construction or management contracts, production or revenue sharing contracts, concessions, or other similar contracts.
  4. Tangible property, including real property; and intangible property, including rights, such as leases, mortgages, liens and pledges.
  5. Intellectual property, including: copyrights and related rights, patents, industrial designs, rights in semiconductor layout designs, trade secrets, including know how and confidential business information, trade and service marks, trade names, and other.
  6. Rights conferred pursuant to law, such as licenses and permits.

Our broad knowledge on Bolivian and US regulations allows us to deliver the appropriate tools and understanding for our clients, in order to boost their activities for the initiation, development, implementation, transformation or enlargement of their business and investment ventures in both countries, in a prompt, suitable and secure way.